About Us

Camberwell Wellness Clinic

We aim to provide pain relief through traditional Chinese massage – as well as cupping, reflexology and a unique form of facial using acupressure which builds on a method of practice which has developed over centuries throughout Asia.

Traditional Chinese massage relieves tension, stress, back pain, frozen shoulder, neck and shoulder stiffness, headache, muscle pain, tennis elbow, fatigue and other forms of chronic pain.

Wellness stems from many factors – fitness from regular exercise, balanced energy and a healthy, well-rounded diet


Key benefits for health of regular massage:

·Massage promotes natural organ function
· Manages stress levels
· Detoxifies the system
· Improves blood circulation · Regulates the lymph system
· Tones muscle tissue

Stiff and twisted muscles, tennis and golf elbow, tension headache, frozen shoulder and lower back pain all benefit from this specialized and purely natural form of treatment.

Anyone working computers will also benefit, particularly students under exam pressure.