Case Study #1
Troy Martin

OK – Jenny is very different and can be hard to understand. But I have had many massages all around the world and her cupping style is outstanding. If you suffer from serious pain or poor circulation she is perfect. If you want a relaxation massage do not go here as this is not for you. I use this to avoid back surgery and it has been very effective.

Case Study #2
Milton Toal – long term back pain
I have had a major back problem since 1965, so most of my life.

All my doctors, my chiropractor and two masseurs had given up on me and simply dosed me heavily with Valium and pain-killers, including morphine. I had spent significant time in hospitals and had many rides in ambulances, some to hospital, some back home. I had given up too.  I was scared to walk close to a table or desk for fear that just a touch on my hip would put my back out for weeks.

Middle of 2008 I met Jenny and asked for a back massage but I did not say why. Jenny needed no guidance, she knew what to do. It hurt. It hurt so much as she started to unlock 42 years of damage that I was reluctant to go back the next week. However, the improvement was so noticeable that I bit the bullet. It still hurt but not as much. By the third treatment you would only call it uncomfortable. Now it does not hurt at all as everything is repaired and healthy.

I have loaned my crutches and I don’t know where they are at the moment and I have absolutely no fear of taking a bump and my back has not “gone out” since Jenny fixed it.  I cannot commend Jenny highly enough.

Case Study #3
Effie Mercoula – Migraines
Migraines have been a part of my life since I was 15 as something I have had to live with. They come in regular bouts often only a week apart and the only relief I had been offered was preventative migraine medication which was completely ineffective. When I discovered Jenny Zhang, I couldn’t turn my head to drive out my driveway. Her treatment was really painful and I was sore for a day or two, but for the first time my constant fatigue had lifted, my energy levels were coming back and I no longer felt sluggish and punch drunk. By the third treatment the change has been remarkable as Jenny has broken through blockages of decades and restored flexibility in my neck and shoulders. Her treatments have been painful, but I would prefer them and the results they have achieved than the constant pain that I had come to expect and the pattern of my migraine attacks had changed dramatically. I feel renewed.

Case Study #4
Renee Gatt – Chronic back pain

 Jenny Zhang is a truly a healing, intuitive, medicine woman. I had been looking for someone with the knowledge of wellness and the body, and the wisdom of healing, for over 20 years. Jenny’s expertise was recommended to me as a cure for my long running and reoccurring issues with prolapsed discs in my lower back. Living with back pain, muscle spasms and tension since my teenage years, and now in my mid-thirties, I had specialists eager to operate.

Since no practitioner, medication or personal rigorous health and exercise practice, had any short or long term results, and dealing with recent severe double prolapsed discs which were now affecting nerves operating my legs, I was prepared to try anything.

After reading several testimonials and impressed by the convictions and results realized by others, at the same time unable to walk, sit, stand or lie without pain and restriction, and unable to drive, I had a friend drive me to see Jenny.

My life has literally not been the same since. After the first session I experienced both euphoria and noticeable discomfort. On the second and third sessions I had a new encounter with my pain threshold, but I was feeling so wonderful afterwards and in the following days, I continued my sessions with Jenny.

Totally amazed after every session as to my overall well-being and healing, I have now been seeing Jenny weekly for 6 weeks, and continuing. From the beginning my nerve pain and disability was reducing and is now gone, and I truly am feeling the best I have years and years.

As an intuitive healer Jenny knows precisely where to go to release blocks and spasms. As she says “The body is like a net, a web, just like the internet. It is all connected”. With that Jenny is systematically healing my body – its muscular, circulatory, immune, nervous and lymphatic systems. I feel lighter, more energetic, flexible and literally joyful!

Jenny stands in her knowledge and skill as a healer whose intention is to do exactly that, to heal her clients. I now carry her flyers in my hand bag and give them out whenever the opportunity presents itself.

If you have any dis-ease, illness or major to minor health issues, please don’t hesitate to begin your journey to healing under the trusting and wisdom filled hands of Jenny Zhang.

Feel free to contact me should you require validation or encouragement on 0417 334 808

Case Study #5
Naomi Green – body tune up

Jenny is utterly amazing. Her cupping work is intuitive and accurate, and she fixes all my aches, pains and blockages. My husband and I get massages from her regularly would highly recommend her to anyone wanting an authentic Chinese medicine massage.

Case Study #5
Marilou Coombes – Pregnancy Sciatica relief

On the 6th of May, I booked a massage at Camberwell Wellbeing Centre to spoil myself before baby no. 2 arrived.  I was more than spoiled with the massage as Jenny worked on my sciatica pain as well. I left the centre floating and I slept so well that night with minimal pain.

Thank you Jenny, I highly recommend your services and look forward to visiting again!